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Why Choose SoftWash Doctors?

Hire us to soft wash your home or business.

Get incredible exterior cleaning results for your home by hiring our team at SoftWash Doctors. We’re the trusted authority for soft washing in South Carolina, and we transform home exteriors with the innovative methods and state-of-the-art equipment we use on every job. Our team members are fully trained SoftWash Systems Certified Applicators, and we’re proud to be a SoftWash Systems Certified Company.

Why Choose SoftWash Doctors?

Beyond our certifications, we know that a little hard work goes a long way for improving home appearances. Our goal is to help you reclaim time in your busy schedule by having us clean your home. And because we’re local to the area, we know what homeowners are looking for when they hire someone to clean their home’s exterior and improve curb appeal. We possess the experience and expertise to clean everything from your driveway, walkway, and siding to your roof, RV, boat, and nearly any other exterior surface.

Why Softwash Doctors?

We also make it easy to keep up with maintaining your home’s exterior surfaces throughout the year with our subscription plans. Sign up for one of these plans, and you’ll never need to worry about scheduling an exterior cleaning appointment again.

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