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Solar Panel Washing, South Carolina

Our process can eliminate all the grime that has built up on your solar panels.

Solar Panel Washing in South Carolina

Making the decision to invest in a solar energy system at your home is an exciting situation. Not only can you reduce your environmental impact, but you can also lessen your electricity costs by relying on the power of the sun. When installation day comes, you’ll get solar panels installed on your roof, which absorb the sun’s rays. Positioning the panels this way provides direct access to sunlight to increase their production capabilities, but their placement on top of the roof also exposes them to a variety of contaminants, including dirt, bird droppings, and other natural materials.

When these contaminants build up on your solar panels, they impact production rates. As a result, you might notice that you’re spending more on energy. When it rains, the water may remove some of the materials that have accumulated, but a typical storm isn’t enough to deliver a thorough cleaning. Additionally, many traditional cleaning methods aren’t safe for use on solar panels as they contain sensitive components.

If you’re in South Carolina, you can count on our team at SoftWash Doctors to take care of solar panel washing at your home. We use a proven method called soft washing, which is gentle enough for use on nearly any surface, including a solar panel. When performing solar panel washing, our process can eliminate all the grime that has built up on the exterior. An added benefit of soft washing your solar panels is that the surface will remain clean for longer than it would with other cleaning methods.

When you want to protect your investment and maximize energy production, regular solar panel washing is a must. Contact us to learn more about this service, or schedule your next appointment.

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