Fence Washing, Mount Pleasant, SC

Think twice before taking a pressure washer to your fence.

It’s no secret that outdoor surfaces get dirty. Time and constant exposure to the elements will leave an impact on any outdoor surface, including your fencing. Fence washing helps preserve your fence for as long as possible by washing away the contaminants that build up and gradually break down your fence’s surface. However, not all fence washing services are created equal.

Fence Washing in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Pressure washing may be the traditional outdoor surface washing method, but it’s certainly not the safest or even the most effective. Rather than pressure washing your fence, you should reach out to a company that specializes in soft washing. Soft washing is an outdoor surface washing method that relies on the cleaning power of a special cleaning solution. This cleaning solution targets all of the contaminants that may affect your fence, including mold, insect residue, and more. Not only is it more effective at eliminating filth, but it’s also safer for your fence. Pressure washing can chip away at your fence, but soft washing is gentle on the surfaces it cleans while still being tough on contaminants and filth.

If you’re looking for a professional and reliable fence washing service for your Mount Pleasant, South Carolina fence, look no further than our team of soft washing experts here at SoftWash Doctors. We specialize in providing high-quality outdoor surface washing services to help residential and commercial property owners maintain their property. You won’t find better fence washing services with any other company, so reach out to us if your fence is dirty or dingy.

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