Deck Washing, Charleston, SC

We can help you prolong the life of your deck with deck washing services.

A deck is a fantastic addition to any house, providing the perfect place to enjoy the great outdoors while still having easy access inside your home. Although they’re built to endure being exposed to sun, wind, and rain, decks do still need occasional maintenance to keep them looking their best. When it’s time to hire a deck washing company, you can turn to our team at SoftWash Doctors for quality service and a superior clean.

Deck Washing in Charleston, South Carolina

As our name suggests, we provide professional soft washing services for customers throughout Charleston, South Carolina. While most people tend to think of pressure washing when it comes to keeping their deck clean, soft washing is a safer and more environmentally friendly option. Instead of using high-pressure jets of water and harsh chemicals to remove grime, soft washing uses unique cleaning agents that lift away dirt, mold, mildew, and other common deck contaminants.

Once the cleaning solutions have done their job, we use a gentle spray of water with a PSI comparable to what you might get from a garden hose to wash it all away. The cleaning solutions are fully biodegradable, and the lower water pressure means we waste less water, so you can feel good about choosing a deck washing method that is effective as well as environmentally conscious. As an added precaution to protect your property, we also use careful techniques to ensure your lawn and other plants are not harmed during the deck washing process.

For more information on our professional deck washing services or any of the other exterior cleaning services we offer, contact our office today.

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