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Power Washing, Mount Pleasant, SC

Our soft washing method is much safer and more effective than power washing.

When you think of washing exterior surfaces like driveways and patios, you probably think of power washing. However, power washing isn’t actually your best bet when it comes to keeping your Mount Pleasant, South Carolina residential or commercial property’s exterior surfaces clean. Power washing is much too intense for the well-being of your exterior surfaces. If this cleaning method isn’t safe, what are you supposed to do when your outdoor surfaces are looking dirty? The answer is to hire a soft washing company.

Power Washing in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Soft washing is a technique for washing away dirt, moss, mold, and other outdoor contaminants that deposit onto your outdoor surfaces. This technique doesn’t rely on intense pressure. Instead, it relies on the cleaning power of a special chemical solution that is specifically designed to be hard on filth and contaminants but gentle on all of your outdoor surfaces.

Power washing can chip away at even the toughest outdoor surfaces, including concrete. With soft washing, you won’t have to worry about this or other types of damage. The results of soft washing are better than power washing, too. You don’t want to have your outdoor surfaces professionally washed only to have them looking dirty again shortly down the road, so work with a soft washing company instead that will deliver long-lasting results that you’ll love.

If you’re looking for a soft washing company to handle your outdoor surfaces, look no further than our team of professionals here at SoftWash Doctors. We utilize soft washing for a variety of different outdoor surfaces and are happy to help you with all of your soft washing needs. Give us a call today if you want to wash your exterior surfaces without dealing with the damages that come with power washing.

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