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Commercial Roof Cleaning, South Carolina

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When you have a commercial property, whether it’s an office building, retail store, warehouse, or something else, maintaining the exterior of it is extremely important. You want guests, employees, and other visitors to have a good impression of your building, of course, but it’s also essential for keeping the exterior in good condition and preventing premature wear and tear.

Commercial Roof Cleaning in South Carolina

One of the most important surfaces to maintain is the roof, which protects the interior from exposure to natural elements like sun, wind, and rain. However, constantly being exposed to the harsh outdoors means that different harmful contaminants, like mold, algae, fungi, and bacteria, can start to prematurely wear out your roof. At SoftWash Doctors, we provide the commercial roof cleaning services you need to protect your roof from contaminants and keep it looking its best for as long as possible.

We use a method known as soft washing for our commercial roof cleaning services. Unlike traditional pressure washing, which depends on brute force to remove grime, soft washing uses a combination of water-based, biodegradable cleaning solutions to emulsify dirt and grime so that it can be easily washed away with a stream of water no more forceful than a garden hose. The gentle nature of soft washing makes it the ideal commercial roof cleaning method since there’s virtually no risk of damaging the roofing with high-pressure water, and it’s safe for all types of roofing. Soft washing is even approved by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) as a safe roof cleaning method that won’t void the warranty on your shingle roofing.

When you need a commercial roof cleaning company you can count on to provide the careful, detailed cleaning you deserve, turn to us. We serve businesses throughout South Carolina, so contact us today to learn more or schedule your next commercial roof cleaning service.

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