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Exterior Commercial Cleaning, South Carolina

You can rely on us for all your exterior commercial cleaning needs.

The exterior of your building is the first thing people see when they arrive, so it’s important that it makes a good impression on customers and other guests who may visit. At SoftWash Doctors, we provide exterior commercial cleaning services to customers all across South Carolina, and we would be delighted to help you put your best foot forward with our professional soft washing services. We even offer a subscription service to help ensure you never forget to schedule your next exterior commercial cleaning appointment.

Soft washing is a popular exterior commercial cleaning option, mainly because it is a gentler alternative to power washing that is safe to use on more delicate surfaces without sacrificing cleaning power. Instead of using extreme water pressure to blast away the dirt on your building exterior, soft washing uses a combination of gentle pressure and biodegradable cleaning solutions to remove the grime gently but effectively. The results of soft washing tend to last longer than other methods, since the cleaning solution works to kill off the mold, mildew, and bacteria growing on walls and other surfaces.

A big concern for many businesses that hire companies to perform services for them is whether or not workers are insured. Our team of skilled technicians is fully insured and abides by all state and local laws when performing exterior commercial cleaning services. All of our employees must pass The Seal background check, as well as undergo extensive training to meet our quality standards. You can schedule services confidently, knowing that our team is not only reliable and efficient, but safe and trustworthy as well. If you’d like to learn more about why soft washing is the best exterior commercial cleaning option for your building, reach out to us today for more information.

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